About Us

I have been interested in pollinators from the age of 5yrs. Throughout my life the world of pollinators has been fascinating. Bees, Butterflies, Moths, Beetles, Birds,Animals and even the wind for example play such vital roles in pollination which in turn keeps the inhabitants of the World from starving.

Pollination is a  world issue which can be helped tremendously by us the Human being.

The unfortunate use of chemical pesticides and habitat  destruction  has dramatic effects on the health and well being of the natural world. the fragility of the eco system has to be addressed for the future wellbeing of us and the planet.

The aim of pollinators world is to bring upto date information regarding this subject enabling us the mere human to help !!!!

We can only have a good quality of life if the natural world is preserved and not turned into a dust bowl or equally over staturated frozen wetland.

Join us in securing solutions to win this war.

The knowledge gained from you and us @ Pollinatorsworld will be used to help achieve this quality of life.

Subjects we will cover are how  you can help pollinators at home, in your garden, workspace, on the farm ,    the park and the countryside in general .

Education for all. Highlighting and developing  your interest in pollinators with practical and informatitive articles.

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